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CPE Isolation Gown

Pricing Details

200 $2.71 each
500 $2.41 each
2000 $2.33 each
5000 $2.30 each
10000 $2.27 each
This disposable thumb loop isolation garment is made of CPE material. There is a tie at the back of the waist for different body shapes. The thumb loop cuff prevents the sleeve from slipping off. Comfortable, dustproof, waterproof and anti-static. It can prevent and isolate dust, particles, alcohol and blood invading. Isolation suits are suitable for many occasions, such as homes, laboratories, food processing, dust removal workshops, beauty salons, etc. 74 13/16"L x 47 1/4 "W

Product Size
74 13/16"L x 47 1/4 "W